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Dan’s Image’d Mk5 Rabbit


Tired of seeing bagged MK5’s ?

Well you shouldn’t be because Dan’s Rabbit is nothing like the average Rabbit.  A beautiful and rare set of Image Type 71 wheels grabs your attention when first peeking at it. Nothing like a true OG style with color match barrels, shinny chrome lips and gold bolts. Wrap some Nankang NS-II for a fresh stretch on the 9.5” rears and you got yourself one bad bunny.

What we love about Dan is that inside and out, he is more then the average young dubber. This married man and father of 2 kids has been in the VW scene since the 90’s ( I don’t wanna make you look old ‘pa but I was maybe 6 years old back then lol).

We have enormous respect for you and your rabbit and your ride is a good example of OEM+ perfection to the eyes of true dubbers.  Newcomers to the Dub scene will learn off your builds, and even borrow some of your swagger but will never be able to match your style.

Aside from the beautiful rollers, that OEM greenish paint really differed this car from the rest of the rabbits. Little subtle touches such as shaved and smoothed hatch and front bumper, shaved and fill hood with the badgeless grill, shaved and painted lower valances, OEM Votex lip and GTI rear bumper makes everything flow so much better.

Dan chose an Air Lift setup that goes as followed :

  • Airlift XL front and rear bags
  • Autopilot digital controller
  • Custom painted 5 gallon tank
  • VIAIR 380cc compressor
  • Easystreet manifolds
  • ORT 1/8th mufflers
  • Frame notch

Thanks go out to Dan’s wife Laura for throwing idea’s around with him and smartly shooting down some of his bad suggestions on how to mod his ride, lol. Brother Chris for helping with install of air ride. Son Noah for helping clean the car for shows and promised him in 6 years, the car is his. Drew Dorbritz, Andrew and SteveO at ORT lent their talents to making this ride perfect. The AirSociety site for all the info and guidance and everyone else on this site that has given him positive and more importantly constructive criticism and helped him build the car the way it is today.

Last but not least, a big shout out to Jordan Chronister for the pics !

You can check out his Flickr album here:

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