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This time it’s Jake’s GTI from UK


Jake’s passion for cars comes from owning a family body shop in Rochdale,UK. When he’s not working on customer’s rides,  he takes time to please his beloved GTI.

Jake is like many impulsive tuner,  car turns out to be pretty much modded after only 6 months of owing it!

When we asked Jake what he liked the most about his car, he wasn’t too sure what to answer, I guess he just loves everything about it! He bought #151 of 1800 special anniversary GTI, it was very important for him to get a clean 3 door Golf as he finds that it’s got the most ironic shape of hatches ever made.

What amazes me, is people like Jake who self builds their own air setup. After looking and searching for parts in the UK an on the Tex,  he got everything together and even built some hard lines for it. I must say it that is some good work right there!

Aside from the smoothed UK rub strips, this car’s got some subtle mods such as all red tails, rear wiper delete,  Powerflow turbo back exhaust and a couple other goodies.

Wheel lovers will appreciate the 17 inch RH ZW1 with a staggered 8.5” Fronts and 9.5” Rears. I mean look at that rear poke.

As far as Air Suspension setup, it goes like this:

  • Firestone rear bags with custom brackets
  • Airlift Lifestyles front bags
  • Modified hub/spindle
  • Shaved sub frame
  • Frame notch
  • 5 gallon tank
  • 8 valve smc setup
  • 6mm lines
  • Rocker switches ( currently developing something custom )

Wish you all the best in your project Jake, and don’t worry … those bruises from playing the crazy hockey goalie will go away lol!

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