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Marshall Lum’s Patron XB



Yeah, uh huh, you know what it is
Black and yellow, black and yellow
Black and yellow, black and yellow

That’s right, this is the perfect song to describe Marshall’s second generation XB. For those not knowing about Marshall Lum, he currently is the head installer/mechanic at Forjworks, a company that is well reputed for building custom quality parts down in Hawaii.

Let’s now talk about this little box that is too Patron to use the over abused word Baws. Marshall gave everything he had in this Forjworks prototype project ride. Let’s start pointing out some of these unique modifications …

  • Five Axis Lip Kit
  • Garson DAD badging
  • JDM Rumion Badging
  • JDM Rumion Chrome Hatch Handle
  • JDM Rumion Window Visors
  • JDM Rumion Rear Wing
  • Prototype Forjworks Eyelids
  • Prototype Forjworks Bonnet Spoiler
  • Prototype Forjworks Tail Light Covers

I could skip to the interior, but just to give you an idea, take the exterior mod list and multiply it by 2. ‘Nough said.

Ok … you asked for it, thank God for copy/paste lol

  • Full Custom Leather Interior using the highest grade leather “Troon Leather”
  • Reshaped front seats
  • Custom Leather floor mats
  • Leather Steering wheel
  • Real Hawaiian Koa Wood Door Speaker Grills
  • Real Hawaiian Koa Interior accents
  • Real Hawaiian Koa VIP Table with Garson DAD Rings
  • Custom one off Pedal Covers
  • Garson DAD Kick Plate
  • Garson DAD Shift Knob
  • Garson DAD AC Vent Crystals
  • Garson DAD Rear View Mirror
  • Garson DAD Mink Crystal
  • Garson DAD Curtains
  • Varad Lighting
  • Full ZAPCO with Sub Floor
  • JDM Rumion sun visors

I guess ya’ll can agree with me, the custom painted school bus yellow BBS RC 090 in a 17×8 setup with a +20ET definitely sets the tone on this car.

Before skipping to the Air setup I’d like to bring some to your attention, Marshall’s XB isn’t only nice and custom, it is actually the first 2nd Gen. XB to be bagged. This being said, it is currently the lowest of the gen. 2 XB’s around using the Forjworks air ride systems. It took a lot of R&D work to get the suspension to work with the new look and 17 inch wheels as the car was set up before with 19 inch wheels before the make over.

Here’s more about the bag setup :

  • Prototype FORJWORKS AIR RIDE Systems bracket system Using UAS Bags
  • ViAir 380 compressor
  • 5 Gallon Tank
  • Front/Back ODE 1/2 valves.
  • 3/8 DOT air lines with throttle valves
  • Dakota Digital Gauge
  • Sienna rear shocks

Marshall, keep it going boy, you just turned a good looking XB into a real head turner.

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