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Lee’s Uk’ed Golf MK4


Whether you live in Manchester (UK) like Lee, or in North America like me… one thing’s for sure, we all know when to give props to the owner of a well built car.

This MK4 is pretty simple from the outside, but don’t get fooled … it’s built with quality parts with a hint of US fragrance, such as front and rear North American bumpers.

Aside from the fact that it’s right handed, the ultra swagged interior is the key part of this VW that will catch your eye.

Nothing less then front Recaro’s and rear benches wrapped in Bentley green/nappa leather with stitched lines. Door inserts and rear trunk cover were also wrapped in order to flow with the new pattern. In my words, the interior is “money”.

The engine got a slight upgrade as well with a full Revo remap, Miltek turbo back, Neuspeed intake and 440cc injectors on the 1.8t motor.

The pretty rare 3 pieces BBS e28 motorsport wheels are put together perfectly. As ya’ll can see, the lips are polished and perfect stance was achieved by adding 25mm front and 30mm rear spacers.

To complete the article, I’d love to thank Lee for joining and promoting AirSociety in UK, never thought we’d have amazing members like that across the World.

Since we are in the shout out mode, Lee would love to give a massive one to the guys at Open Road Tuning, especially Andrew for all his help!  Lee would also like to Thank  CJ GREEN for the pictures, Pat for all his hardwork and the pictures and lastly Adam Patch for the help on the air suspension setup.

Before leaving …. here’s the detailed bag setup, note that the management will soon be upgraded to Accuair E-level because Lee gets bored fast lol.

  • Front Bagyard Supremes custom color coated green
  • Rear Bagyard Supremes classic bags
  • Both front and rear SMC fittings
  • ¼” air lines/easy street management
  • 5 gallon Air Lift tank and valve blocks (soon to be upgraded to 7 gal. ORT tank all digital)
  • 380cc ViAir compressor (soon to be upgraded to 4x444s Viair compressors)

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