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Coil Over Bag setup by Forjworks


Some guys may go one beyond just running struts with the bags.

A new trend is putting Bag over coil overs.

Here is an example using Megan Coilovers.  Forjworks has made brackets that fit and actually screws onto the coil over housing so you can lock it without having the mount messing up your threads. Another thing is that most of all the bag won’t spin.

Many might ask why?

  1. It’s not fun having to take off your wheels at every show and crank down your coils.
  2. It’s not fun being the last to leave the show and have your friends wait for you while you raise it back up.
  3. So easy, a flip of a switch and your air up anytime any where..

These are going into their project Toyota Cressida, you can follow the thread here : and more on Bag Over Coils here :

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