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Monthly archives: February 2011

Marshall Lum's Patron XB

INSERT BEAT : Yeah, uh huh, you know what it is Black and yellow, black and yellow Black and yellow, black and yellow That’s right, this is the perfect song to describe Marshall’s second generation XB. For those not knowing about Marshall Lum, he currently is the head installer/mechanic at Forjworks, a company that is well reputed for building custom quality parts down in Hawaii. Let’s now talk about this […]

Coil Over Bag setup by Forjworks

Some guys may go one beyond just running struts with the bags. A new trend is putting Bag over coil overs. Here is an example using Megan Coilovers.  Forjworks has made brackets that fit and actually screws onto the coil over housing so you can lock it without having the mount messing up your threads. Another thing is that most of all the bag won’t spin. Many might ask why? […]

Paul' stunning Renault Clio

Sometimes you come across something and you just go WOW! This was my reaction when I first saw the pictures of Paul’s Clio. What caught my eye is to see such a rare vehicle in North America and yet, so tastefully modified. I guess we can’t say that North Ireland’s got no game lol. Paul’s 2008 1.2 TCE Clio is dumped on Rayvern air suspension and sittin’ on Lenso BSX […]

AIRSOCIETY' stickers are now available and ready to ship!!

First of all I’d like to apologize for the delay and thank each one of you that placed your order with us. We ran into some issues our supplier but everything is back in order now and we have the stickers in hand. We have a better quality sticker,  better waterproof and added UV protection. Hope this makes up for it. Will ship out your orders in the next few […]

This time it's Jake's GTI from UK

Jake’s passion for cars comes from owning a family body shop in Rochdale,UK. When he’s not working on customer’s rides,  he takes time to please his beloved GTI. Jake is like many impulsive tuner,  car turns out to be pretty much modded after only 6 months of owing it! When we asked Jake what he liked the most about his car, he wasn’t too sure what to answer, I guess […]

James' VIP'ed Box

Don’t we all love bagged first generation XB’s ? Who would have thought back then that these little family & economical boxes would have turned into real tuners in the modded car scene? This modified VIP’ed XB didn’t miss on anything going from a TC Sportline complete lip kit on the outside to Garson curtains on the inside. I won’t start naming every modifications on this car since what’s important […]