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Phil’s Monster SRT8


Here it is, the perfect car to demonstrate people that ”low & slow” isn’t a term that applies to every bagged ride.

I’ve been browsing on the web lately, hearing all kinds of stories and couldn’t wait for someone to come out with a big power car on air’ed stance to prove a point and make a statement.

I found my man, Phil from Ontario, Canada who went pretty buck wild on his 300C SRT8. He started boosting HP’s adding SRT MAX camshafts, custom forged push rods, Inertia 6.1L Performance Cylinder Heads, Magnaflow high flow cats and tons more bringing him to a 12.24 second 1/4 mile time.  But this is just where the fun begins…

Here’s what Phil just told AirSociety:

I won the ProCharger P1SC1 kit by filling out a ballot at LX & Beyond Nationals in Youngstown Ohio, this past July. Chris will be installing the ProCharger somewhere between mid-April/mid-May 2011. Mike Hess will be handling the tuning. Because my ride already had the heads & cam upgrade last spring, tuning will be a little more complex with the the addition of the Supercharger.
With the addition of the ProCharger I should be @ 690 at the crank, and @ 550+ rwhp. Should be somewhere in the low 11’s in the 1/4 mile.

In order to handle that kind of power and maintain both rear tires on the ground, Mr. HemiPhil opted for Option 5 –  Model 5 Machine Silver Finish 22×9 & 22×10.5 wheels wrapped in  Nitto Invo’s 255/30/22 & 295/25/22.

Air suspension on this 300C is universal starting with universal bags on Koni yellow sport shocks. This is actually Phil’s first air ride so it’s pretty basic but it’s exactly what he wanted: a raise at stock height to smoke people on the quarter mile, and dumped while parked. For that reason, knowing he doesn’t play with the setups much, no gauges were needed. To complete the setup is a 4 gallon tank, 2 x 480cc ViAir compressors and a 7 button switch box.

Phil would also like to give a shout out to Chris White and Mike Hess @ HalfFast Performance for their help in getting this monster on the road. Keep us posted once the ProCharger is installed !

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