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Bagged Hard: Andrew Ritter’s Mini Clubman


When he’s not busy running Stancedesign or organizing Air Affair at H2Oi, Andrew is busy tinkering with his 2008 Mini Cooper Clubman.  This never-ending project began with a simple car, but ended up with an OEM+ beauty that set the bar for Clubmans all over the’s cooper is more than what you can easily see from the outside like the re-drilled 17″ Audi A8 Winter Monoblocks and pavement eating ride height.  The airbrushed woodgrain rear end and euro arches coupled with the not so stock side view mirrors turns this California cruiser into a west coast easy part of installing Air Suspension into this Mini ended when the purchase order was placed.  Bagyard and Air Lift were teamed up to ensure a proper fitment in front and out back, but bringing this car into kissing distance with mother Earth brought about a whole new set of challenges.  For starters, shorter struts weren’t going to cut it and Andrew had to fabricate custom plates, snap rings and spherical bearings to get his ride to drop that extra two inches lower.  mini-cooper-air-suspension-0Next up it’s going to be time to deal with binding of the front control arms ball joints while dumped at 0 psi.  Control arm and tie rod spacers are necessary to fix this issue and keep the Clubman on track.  The never-ending list of things to tweak keeps on growing…mini-cooper-air-suspension-0-5The story that is Andrew’s love affair with his Mini will continue to go on and we’ll continue to check in on his progress over time, so let’s break down his setup and take a look at the rest of the glamor shots:

Bagyard up front
Air Lift in the rear
1/4″ line throughout
Air Lift autopilot controller
Air Lift Valve Manifolds
3 Gallon Aluminum tank
Custom pillowball mounts front and rearmini-cooper-air-suspension-0-3


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