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Jeff’s winterized Audi S4


You’ve all probably seen Jeff’ S4 dumped on Miro type 111 wheels this summer browsing around different forums of the web. Well here it is today, sitting on OZ Futura’s right in the middle of a snow storm. The reason I brought attention to the fact that you’ve probably noticed it around is because we barely see bagged B5 S4’s. And when we do see one, we drop the appreciation.

Jeff started his low life on KW coilovers which didn’t last too long. He quickly skipped to a BOC (bag over coil) setup which again … only lasted a month because he just hated it so much. But he came out pretty happy about this whole situation after strike 2 since it brought him to meet Andrew at Open Road Tuning.

If you ask Jeff, magic happened that day since he’ still here among us, in the Air Family. If it wasn’t for ORT like he stated, he would probably be back on coils … a sad day for the whole Air community. But let’s cheer up, it never happened lol.

Here’s the products that kept him in the game :

  • Bagyard Supreme fronts (with cut out rain tray for extra drop)
  • Bagyard classic rears
  • 1/4 lines
  • 5 gallon tank
  • Easystreet management
  • ViAir 480

As for the rest of the modifications done to the car are shaved fenders and back bumper, euro trunk, Awe twin 1 exhaust, Vast tune & downpipes, APR bi-pipe, Southbend clutch and other random bolt ons.

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