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Dave’ Sexy Lookin’ MK4 Jetta


I’m really starting to wonder how come so many Volkswagen owner’s are going with Air Suspensions lately. Baggin’ cars isn’t something new but let’s face it, the Euro crowd is going pretty strong at it and making it THE new route to take. At the end of the day, one thing remains: it’s not about following trends, it’s about making it your own, being original!

Dave’s no follower though, he’s just one cool Canadian dude that needed more low on his Jetta. Since we all know that breaking oil pans is passé, only few solutions are offered in order to move one with a lower lifestyle.

He picked up the suspension from Kevin at AAC. Huge props to him and excellent guy to do business with. Dave took care of the installation since he’s more of a “built not bought” type of guy. Thumbs up buddy!

In terms of the car itself, the mod list includes shaved and molded front end, Votex rear, GLI Recaro interior, custom rear seat delete with amp/sub incorporation. It’s always nice to see how people manage to differ from others, in this case I really think that the fully shaved and molded lip on the bumper is what gives that sexy times touch.

The wheels are pretty rare, a beautiful set of staggered & chrome 3 piece 17×8 and 17×9 JDM Manaray Dish compliment Dave’s Jetta which is enough to give a pretty nice air’ed out stance. Oh yeah, and you can’t really miss the custom HellaFlush center caps!

Here’s what the boys at AAC supplied for Dave:

  • Airlift Lifestyle Front Struts
  • AAC Firestone Rears
  • Dual Viair 444c Compressors
  • 8 ASCO Valves
  • Viair Gauges
  • 3 Gallon Alum Tank
  • 2 SMC Watertraps
  • 2 3/8’s Flow controls
  • 2 1/4’s Flow controls
  • AVS Mini Switch Box

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