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Trunk Frame Box Safety


ACEdubs posted some valuable information in the AIRSOCIETY Forums this week regarding choosing the safest and best building material for your trunk compressor/tank housing.  Take a look at his post and his reasoning behind choosing to make his enclosure our of Hardietrim which is a wood that breaks up easier than regular hardwood in the event of a collision.

Here’s his post including images:

Here is the material I chose.

But ACE, why did you choose to use Hardietrim?!

Well, it’s quite simple. It is to protect those inside the car.

Being a father, it’s weighed heavy on my heart that a lot of guys are building their air ride frames and boxes using 2×4’s or similar woods. 2×4’s are SO DENSE that if you were rear ended (god forbid), those pieces WOULD NOT crumple properly and go right through the body of whoever is sitting in the back seat…….possibly reaching those sitting in the front too. Yikes.

Auto manufactures designed the rear of a car to crumple when impacted. This includes the spare tire falling and the taking the foam into consideration. I haven’t heard any horror stories yet, but I’m bracing myself.

So to all the guys who are making and selling air ride frames… you want to be dragged into a wrongful death lawsuit? Trust me, these days, it’s not far-fetched.

If you are worried and are currently using 2×4’s (or similar), here are your options:

  1. Buy a material that actually breaks apart on impact. Ex. Hardietrim,MDF’s, or particle boards. The best way to test it is by breaking it over your knee. LOL. Good luck doing that with a 2×4.
  2. Get your saw or dremel out and notch your pieces of wood that run from front to back. So if you were hit, they would collapse and buckle. See below:

I chose Hardietrim because its rigid, but will break apart easily if impacted.

Almost done with frame.

And there you have it folks.  Post up your comments or thoughts on what ACEdubs has shared with the community.  Thanks for bringing this safety tip to everyone’s attention!

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