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Matt’s Freshly Bagged MK6 Jetta


For those who know or have heard of Matt and all his bagged rides before… he did it again!  For those who don’t know who he is, sit back and sample a bit of his latest masterpiece.

Matt is truly dedicated to 2 things when it comes down to cars: Volkswagen and Air Ride (talk about one true fanatic). You’ve probably seen a couple of his rides floating around on the web or at car shows as Matt is not new to the low and modding scene.  He used to own a beautiful dumped blue B5 Passat, a stunning bagged CC on Bentley wheels and to add the cherry on top, he married an amazing women that now drives a bagged Tiguan! Now that’s Fresh!

His new project didn’t take long to go from bland to blowout as it currently went through a transformation of its own and became one of the first bagged MK6 Jetta’s in existence. The plans seemed simple on paper: slap on an Air Ride and Bentley wheels and call it a day, but a last minute deal made him change the plans for something a little more old school.  A dirty set of 17” Nothelle classics for the wheels ”connaisseur”.

What’s better then a touch of old school flair on a new car?

Aside from that, Matt plans on continuing to keep it simple by adding some basic bolt on mods to the NA 2.5 5 cylinder engine, upgrade the audio at one point and then progressively chewing through as many wheels as possible in true wheel whore fashion.

All we’ve got to say is keep it up and we wanna see each set of wheels you slap on that beauty!

Now here’s a breakdown of the Air Suspension setup:

  • Airlift XL front bags
  • Bagyard rear bags
  • Single ViAir 380c compressor
  • 2 gallon tank
  • Air Lift manifolds
  • Auto pilot controller

Here’s an updated picture of Matt’s ride rolling on Bentley rims!

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