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Jujhar’s Red Hot MK4 Golf


Imagine that this Vee Dub started its life as a simple 2003 Golf GLS, and yet today, people often mistake it for a never seen in North America 4 door R32.

While growing up Jujhar had his heart set on owning a GTI, but due to the high insurance for a 16 year old he had to pass on the idea and get on with a ride that could better fit within his budget. He soon fell in love with a Tornado Red MK4 Golf.  Jujhar’s motivation for pimping his Golf out was broken down into a simple sentence from the main man himself: “There’s only a few red modded Dubs out there and they do stand out from the crowd once well assembled”.

Four years later he got in the game and started transforming his stock little Golf into an eye turning beauty. He started by adding OEM parts like the R32 front bumper, 20th anniversary side skirts that were then molded to the body,  OEM R32 rear bumper without exhaust cutouts and much more.  Then came the lighting, the interior and trust me when I say Jukhar went all the way with quality OEM+ parts.

As for the wheel setup, nothing else then BBS RSII’s with a 25 Offset poking the amazing 10” rears stretched on  225/40 tires.

When it comes down to the suspension, Jujhar rolled on Koni coilovers for a couple of years. He really enjoyed them but they just didn’t go low enough for his likings. He then looked at other coilover systems to get lower but decided that air ride was the best option especially due to the poor condition of the roads that he drives on. Ever since then, he’s been flipping switches. In the future, he may go to electronic management but the cost of it is pretty high, so we’ll have to continue the article when he’s at the next level of modding.

Here’s his air suspension setup:

  • HPS Premium Front Struts
  • Firestone Rear Sleeves
  • Audi 90 Front Bushings
  • 5 Gallon Aluminum Tank with Water Trap
  • 8 Asco Valves
  • Easystreet Dual Needle Guage, Single Needle Tank Guage
  • ViAir 400c Compressor
  • AVS 7 Switch Controller

I’ve got a couple of words for you Jujhar, keep reppin’ Canada hard with your ride, you’ve got great taste and you’re car is unique. Keep it up!

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