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Jo’s Rabbid Rabbit


Update: windsorvr is the original mastermind behind this bunny.

Not many VW Rabbit owners can say they’re able to easily lay frame on 18″ wheels.  Luckily Jo’s Rabbit is no ordinary ride.

In case you’re asking yourselves: “How is this guy able to dump his ride to the ground?” we can only say that it definitely isn’t easy.  The first pair of struts on this MK5 Rabbit were HPS Competitions that just couldn’t cut the low lifestyle all that well.  They kept clunking and knocking whenever the air PSI of the system would be raised.

Luckily HPS was notified and they got right to work examining exactly how to get Jo’s Rabbit down to the ground.  It turns out that the inner seals were damaged because the car has been driven at an abnormal high height, meaning the shocks had not enough travel to operate the way they should.  HPS rebuilt the struts with allowance for adding extra travel to the piston-rod and getting a bigger cartridge for better operation.

HPS worked the struts with the OEM specs of Jo’s car, which is a 2007 VW Rabbit, making it able to drop belly down with numerous threads left on the shocks, adding an inch of travel so he could pump the bags up without being scared of damaging anything, even at high PSI.

In the end this Volks is one seriously low bunny and we’re hyped to feature it on AIRSOCIETY.

Check out the breakdown of Jo’s Air Suspension setup:

  • HPS Competition air bags series, with custom engineered made front struts allowing maximum drop,
  • Easystreet Management
  • 3 Gallon, 3 Port Tank
  • 480CC ViAir Compressor

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