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Don’s Smooth Jetta


Let me think of one word that describes Don’s ride: Exquisite!

This Jetta went for a complete makeover, coming out with a mod list bigger then my last grocery bill.

I could start enumerating each part but we would have to feature this car on 2 pages. The OEM Bora-R front bumper, molded M3 trunk lip, fully shaved trunk & door handles and crazy interior is what sets this ride apart from the rest. I’ll let the pics do the talking but before getting into the Air Ride, let me point out the Kinetic Turbo Kit using a GT3076R, producing big HP’s! Can’t really miss it.

To get the wheel fitment on point, Don opted for CCW classics with a 19ET up front and 21ET rear setup tucking and poking those rollers just the way they should.

Now it’s time for the meat and potatoes of his car: the Air Ride setup.  Don’s Jetta runs on Bagyard Air-Ride Supreme’s all around with dual ViAir 380c Air Compressors pushing air into his 5 gallon tank.  His clean trunk layout is made possible by ditching the spare tire and laying his whole Air Ride setup in the empty well.

Here’s the detailed bag setup:

  • Bagyard Air-Ride Supreme front and rear struts and bags
  • Dual 380c air compressors
  • Powder coated 5 gallon tank
  • ViAir dual needle gauges
  • 7-position switch box
  • 8 valves (4 lift and 4 dump)
  • Flow controls for both directions up and down

Don would like to thank Unitronic, CTS Turbo, Open Road Tuning, and Sean Harrison for the pictures.

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