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Monthly archives: December 2010

Bagged and Boosted WRX

Bagged and Boosted WRX from Jay Aye on Vimeo. This Subaru WRX is not only pumped full of forced injection goodness, but is also rocking a seriously sexy set of bags that make sure it stays firmly planted to the ground at all times. We’ll be scoping out more details on this ride so stay plugged into AIRSOCIETY for more info.

Matt's Freshly Bagged MK6 Jetta

For those who know or have heard of Matt and all his bagged rides before… he did it again!  For those who don’t know who he is, sit back and sample a bit of his latest masterpiece. Matt is truly dedicated to 2 things when it comes down to cars: Volkswagen and Air Ride (talk about one true fanatic). You’ve probably seen a couple of his rides floating around on […]

New Jersey's Finest G35

The title says it all … Mike Yee is reppin’ the East Coast pretty hard with this pimped up G35. I can probably count on one hand how many bagged G35’s coupes are out there that are able to turn heads.  Mike’s ride is set apart from the rest and surely does draw lots of attention. Sittin’ on 20×9.5” and 20×11” Work T1S, this bad boy shows massive dish and […]

Jujhar's Red Hot MK4 Golf

Imagine that this Vee Dub started its life as a simple 2003 Golf GLS, and yet today, people often mistake it for a never seen in North America 4 door R32. While growing up Jujhar had his heart set on owning a GTI, but due to the high insurance for a 16 year old he had to pass on the idea and get on with a ride that could better […]

Hard Lines vs. Soft Lines

Standard air suspension setups are normally equipped with flexible nylon air hoses to supply compressed air to various parts of the air ride setup.  The next aesthetically pleasing upgrade readily available for the standard soft air hose lines are by fabricating “hard lines” out of metal pipe. Metal piping has been used in vehicles for  many decades now as fuel lines, brake lines, oil return lines, etc… so why is […]

Jo's Rabbid Rabbit

Update: windsorvr is the original mastermind behind this bunny. Not many VW Rabbit owners can say they’re able to easily lay frame on 18″ wheels.  Luckily Jo’s Rabbit is no ordinary ride. In case you’re asking yourselves: “How is this guy able to dump his ride to the ground?” we can only say that it definitely isn’t easy.  The first pair of struts on this MK5 Rabbit were HPS Competitions […]