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DIY: Step Notching a Frame


BigDave posted up a straightforward write up on how to  cut a notch into your car’s subframe/frame to make sure that you get your money’s worth when upgrading to bags in the AIRSOCIETY Forums

Here’s his post including images:

Pretty straight forward. I used a 2 1/2 Hole Saw.

  1. Jack Up The Axle To Get An Idea Where to Cut.
  2. Line Up the Drill Bit In the Hole Saw Just Over The Axle
  3. Cut The Hole, Takes A While The Metal Is Thick
  4. Get A Piece Of 2 1/2 OD Steel Pipe About 1/4″ Thick
  5. Cut It To Fit The Hole You Just Made
  6. Get Someone To Weld It Or Do It Yourself
  7. Put On Some Undercoating For Protection

Voila you’re done!

And now for pics

Notch Cut And Cleaned For Welding

Steel Pipe Cut To Size

Welded and Grinded

Gravel Guard Protective Coating

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