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Jason’s Grounded A3


OMG is what came to my mind when I came across this beautiful Audi A3. I must admit, it’s probably one of the nicest I’ve seen so far. What sets it apart from the rest is its simplicity. Jason knows how to keep it clean and sexy!

You’ve probably seen last week’s video on AirSociety, but up until now we didn’t have much more information on the car’s air ride setup. After a week of searching we were finally able to dig up the details of this Bad Boy for ya’ll.

Now let’s talk business: Slap some well contrasted BBS CK wheels, a set of bags and some subtle, but yet effective aesthetic mods and you’ve got a perfect looking A3. I won’t deny the fact that the S-line package helps with that sleek OEM lip kit and blacked out front grill, but in these features only enhance the amazing work done to this car.

Jay’s currently running the following bag setup:

  • Bagyard Bombers front air struts
  • Bagyard Supreme rears
  • AccuAir management
  • 5 Gallon tank
  • 2 Viair 400cc compressors
  • Accuair water trap and more

He’s also got an Accuair e-level kit sitting at home, waiting for install. Note that AccuAir sponsored him for the kit after winning the air category at this year’s Wustefest 2010.

Jason’s ride is not the first and definitely won’t be the last sponsored ride you’ll see driving around or being featured on AirSociety!

Check out the ride:

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