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Monthly archives: November 2010


Goldmember’s XB is definitely one of the sexiest around. His unique widened front and rear ends painted Pure White by House of Kolor sets this Scion apart from anything else in existence. Body Noblesse body kit Widened front fenders Rear fender flares Extend rear plate Pure White by House of Kolor Onyx Black by House of Kolor Wheels BBS RS 17×10.5 front 17×11.5 rear 225/35/17 245/35/17 Falken FK452 Interior Bride […]

Mike's Bagged Nissan Hardbody

When Nissan first envisioned a pickup truck capable of hauling people and equipment across vast distances, I doubt they meant for it to be dumped to the ground.  Luckily Michael Adney got a hold of a 1989 Nissan Hardbody and got to work installing an air suspension that would ensure he could safely carry a mountain of bricks while dragging frame all along the interstate. Michael’s Hardbody (yes that’s what […]

Beach Cruiser on Air

Custom Beach Cruiser Bicycle with Air Suspension from Down Bikes on Vimeo. Bicycle paths are popping up all over the place and now you’ve got a shot at riding a bike in style. Down Bikes are definitely hitting a home run with their lineup of two wheeled cruisers. What sets these bikes apart from the bicycles you grew up riding is that these have got their own set of air […]

Jason's Grounded A3

OMG is what came to my mind when I came across this beautiful Audi A3. I must admit, it’s probably one of the nicest I’ve seen so far. What sets it apart from the rest is its simplicity. Jason knows how to keep it clean and sexy! You’ve probably seen last week’s video on AirSociety, but up until now we didn’t have much more information on the car’s air ride […]

AirRide & Coilover Lover

AirRide & Coilover Lover from Loniek on Vimeo. Wolfsgruppe’s video brings a lighter side to the Air & Static communities with this high quality production video.  This video shows the different personalities that attach themselves to the low lifestyle communities.  Check out their other videos for more awesomeness!

DIY: Step Notching a Frame

BigDave posted up a straightforward write up on how to  cut a notch into your car’s subframe/frame to make sure that you get your money’s worth when upgrading to bags in the AIRSOCIETY Forums Here’s his post including images: Pretty straight forward. I used a 2 1/2 Hole Saw. Jack Up The Axle To Get An Idea Where to Cut. Line Up the Drill Bit In the Hole Saw Just […]